Svenska othelloförbundet

Stockholm EGP 2024 – Swedish Othello celebrates 40th year

Welcome to Stockholm 17th to 18th August 2024.

Venue: Information will be sent out later, however it will be in Stockholm area. It depends at the number of players. We hope we soon can tell you the location.
Contact: Benkt Steentoft +46 720 16 52 22 (Whatsapp),


Welcome to Stockholm EGP 2024
The Swedish Othello Federation celebrate 40 years as an Othello Federation. We will celebrate this with a grand EGP, a classic SOF Othello Barbecue (with Benkts potatostomps & meatballs, grilled things for meat eaters and vegans). Additionally we will also host several other Othello tournaments in a fantastic setting!

Friday 16th August
This is the Othello event day. We will show Othello in a mall in central Stockholm and also organize a Stockholm Othello Sightseeing.

Saturday 17th August
9:30 the EGP tournament starts
10:30 the Stockholm Open tournament starts
18:00 we relocate to the 40th anniversary celebration dinner location.

Sunday 18th August
9:30 the EGP tournament continues
16:00 Prize giving ceremony


Stockholm EGP – Two days tournament
Start time 9:30 17th August
11 rounds tournament, open for everyone.
2*25 minutes per game
EGP regulation
Start fee*: 250 SEK / 25€, Youth: 150 SEK / 15€
* Lunch included both days

SOF 40th Open – One day tournament
Start time 10:30 17th August
7 rounds, open for everyone
Semifinals and Finals
2*15 minutes per game.
Start fee* 125 SEK / 12€, Youth 75 SEK / 8€
* Lunch included

SOF 40th anniversary Year grill event
Adults 200 SEK / 20€
Kids 100 SEK / 10€
Pay at Registration venue, Cash please.
Svenska spelare registrerar för Grillkvällen genom att swisha till Benkt, 0720-165222



1Takeshi Murakami Japan2363E
2Niklas WettergrenStockholm2159E
3Lari PihlajapuroÅland2113E
4Roel HoboNetherlands2058E
5Marc TastetFrance2026E
6Caroline BerglundLinköping1923E, 
7Katie PihlajaporuÅland1911E, 
8Kim FreiburghausSkåne1879E
9George OrtizAustralia1868E
10Elisabetta VecchiItaly1758A, 
11Bintsa Andriani France1744A
12Benkt SteentoftHärjedalen1741A
13Daniel TurunenStockholm1708A
14Tor Birger Skogen Norway1633A
15Jan ZemelkaStockholm1570A
16Jens Aagaard-HansenDenmark1515A
17Andreas LitsasGreece1423A
18Maria Serena Vecchi Italy1383 A, 
19Erik JohanssonStockholm1381A
20Ahmed Hassan Egypt1371A
21 Alberte Josefine NielsenDenmark1219A, 
22Thierry Grellier Estonia1093R
23Alessandro OrtizRome1071R
24Tommy RönnLimmared1064R
25Erdenebaatar GendenMongolia1031R
26Munkhbayar ErdenebaatarMongolia1016R, Youth
27Munkh-Undral ErdenebaatarMongolia943R, Youth, 
28Tomas SjöbergMälaröarna R, New